Alzheimer's and Dementia

Alzheimer's and DimenciaAlzheimer's and dementia are difficult for the patient and their family. Bender Terrace's staff is trained to understand your apprehensions and feelings involved in placing a loved one in a care facility. We know the place you select must feel like home and the staff must be devoted explicitly to care for your family members who are experiencing Alzheimer's or dementia. It is important to combine professional care with personal compassion. Our staff works like an empathetic and understanding family member, creating an atmosphere where emotional health, physical health, spiritual health and dignity of life are normal.

One of Bender Terrace’s goals is to create an atmosphere that provides expert medical and clinical services in addition to personalized family-like care for our residents. Resulting in an atmosphere of comfort, compassion, safety and support.

Prior to admission, Bender Terrace’s admission staff will interview family members to determine if their loved one will benefit from our program. We also conduct in-home and hospital assessments.

During the admissions, each person is assessed by a Bender Terrace clinical team of professionals. Their assessment leads to the creation of an all-inclusive plan of care designed for each resident. We then discussed this plan with the resident and their family. Our intention is to assure both our resident and their family that a professional care plan has been tailored to meet their medical, physical, emotional, personal and spiritual needs.

Clinically trained staff
All of our Bender Terrace staff are trained and dedicated to awareness of resident’s needs, creating a secure atmosphere, and ensuring each individuals comfort.

Continuing educational growth and development are necessary for every member of the Bender Terrace's clinical team. Our entire staff completes training programs focused on providing exceptional care for those with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. Experienced consultants provide education for staff growth, development, and professional development. This results in our ability to provide quality, empathetic care, and it makes a rewarding experience for our staff and resident’s families.

Activity Programs
A comprehensive program of therapeutic activities is offered every day of the week. Each activity is planned to improve the quality of life for our Alzheimer's and dementia residents. Some activities include:

  • Cognitive focused activities
  • Normalization activities
  • Exercise and recreational activities
  • Social activities
  • Physically focused activities
  • Art, music and dance therapy
  • Reminiscence groups
  • Religious programs

All activities are based on individual preferences and personal capabilities.





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