articleSometimes finding information that can help develop communication between adult children and their parents can be difficult. We are providing three articles that will open the door to meaningful communications.

Topics to discuss with your parents about their aging
Why is it so hard to talk to our aging parent(s) about difficult subjects, such as getting older, needing help, or planning for being dependent? Sometimes, we just don’t want to face the fact that they are getting older. Or, maybe they don’t want to face the fact themselves and are in denial about their own aging process. Who can blame them? No one wants to picture one’s self needing help with walking, bathing, going to the toilet or eating.

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 Starting "The Conversation" with our aging parents
For most of us, our parents have been actively involved in our lives, providing wisdom and support when we requested it. They have provided a unique and loving perspective during the challenging times as well as the wonderful opportunities presented throughout our life. There have been many times when when their advice played an important role in decision making and it was always good to have their blessing. When it became time to return the favor, it wasn’t something either of us wanted. Even though some things may be better left unsaid, talking about aging is not one of those things. The timing of this conversation needs to be ongoing otherwise we will put it off until it’s too late. Many of us find that our parents are no longer competent, and we have failed to be there when they needed us.

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Knowing when your parents need help.
It’s important to know when you need to consider seeking help for your aging parents. Over the past 50 years, the trend is to live longer, healthier lives and this trend is expected to continue well into this century. Advances in medical technology are allowing us to live independent and active lives. Few consider turning 65 as a sign of getting old.

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