What to Expect

topicsWhether you are entering Bender Terrace or placing a loved one in our care, there are a number of things to consider. Let’s begin with explaining our admissions process and then we will consider setting appropriate expectations for the time with us.

The Bender Terrace Administrator is the leader of the nursing and rehabilitation center and is responsibe for overseeing the operation of the home. Your admissions meeting with her will set the tone for your future periodic meetings and consultations. You are encouraged to share your concerns and praise with her as well as any other staff member.

Our Director of Nursing is the leader of the Bender Terrace clinical team. Please contact her with all concerns and praise you have regarding your clinical needs. We are grateful for your confidence in Bender Terrace; we are honored by your selection of us to manage your medical rehabilitation and care. Each member of our team is available to answer your questions and hear your comments, be they positive or negative.

The Admissions Process    
Prior to admissions, you or your caregiver will meet with our team of admission specialists who will gather the basic and all-important information required as well as be a guide through the entire admissions process. They require a number of important documents which will help in the development of your clinical plan as well as ensuring proper billing.

Please provide the following prior to or during the admissions process:

  • The name and contact information of person to be contacted when there is a change in your condition or financial status
  • When applicable, advance directives, living will, etc.
  • Clinical and/or financial Power of Attorney documents
  • Medicare card
  • Medicaid card
  • Managed care or insurance card
  • Social Security card
  • Medicare Part D (drug benefit) card
  • Long-term care/supplemental insurance policies

Bender Terrace’s admissions personnel will review all required state and federal documents and when they are complete provide you with a copy. In addition, they will describe programs and services provided by Bender Terrace’s nursing and rehabilitation center while answering your questions. Another important meeting will be with a member of the Bender Terrace business office. Together you will be able to review any financial matters and specific questions. They will need to know where you have been living for the preceding calendar year. The goal of the Bender Terrace staff is to get you to the highest level of function possible.





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