The Admissions Process

The Clinical Admissions ProcessThe Admissions Process

Shortly before you are admitted, a member of our Nursing Team will meet with you or your caregiver to establish an unembellished clinical baseline. Additionally, they will orient you to Bender Terraces nursing and rehabilitation center.

Your Bender Terrace Admitting Nurse will ask you a series of clinical questions about your medications, current and previous activity levels, diagnoses, as well as previous hospital or rehabilitation stays. You will also receive a complete medical evaluation noting any conditions that may need to be addressed during your stay.

Depending on your condition follow-up medical evaluations may occur frequently. Another important preference for you to discuss with your caregiver is bathing preferences. A convenient schedule will be arranged for you and your caregiver. You will be weighed intermittently to maintain your records.

At Bender Terrace, clinical interventions are determined by the needs of our patients with the intention of promoting a safe and timely discharge, if appropriate. During the second week of your stay members of the Bender Terrace interdisciplinary team will meet with you or your loved one to develop the most appropriate interventions based on your needs. The team may include the Medicare/Medicaid staff, Activities staff, Rehabilitation Coordinator, Dietitian and Social Worker. Each will collect appropriate, important and useful information about your abilities, clinical and psychosocial needs.

You and/or your caregiver will be asked to determine appropriate goals for your stay at Bender Terrace. The Team Coordinator and members of the Interdisciplinary Team will consult with you and/or your caregiver describing the therapies which will be used to accomplish your goals. You will be given guidance to help you address these important choices, and your treatment plan will address these goals.

The Bender Terrace Rehabilitation Coordinator will review the suggested interventions for your condition(s), recovery goals and their timelines, verifying that your rehabilitation interventions will accomplish, to the best of our ability, your functional recovery and positively impact your presenting medical diagnosis.

The Social Services Coordinator will gather information, which will help them to develop a plan of care to address any issues. They may help arrange any services that may be needed upon your successful discharge.

The Activities Director is often asked to review your desires to incorporate leisure activities into your medical recovery plan.

The Bender Terrace Dietary Manager will review your medical information and develop a dietary plan which supports your recovery process as well as your nutritional needs and, as much as possible, your preferences.

Choice of Provider of Professional Services
Bender Terrace may arrange for providers of professional services, or when appropriate you may select your personal service providers. If you want to select your own service providers, please bring their names, addresses and telephone numbers with you on the day of your admission. As required by law we will request that these professional service providers comply with all applicable rules and regulations. The following is a list of service providers:

  • Physician – one who is available to visit you at the center as required by licensure/certification
  • Alternate physician
  • Dentist
  • Podiatrist
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospital
  • Funeral home
  • County caseworker
  • Church/clergy name





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